Africa's Super Computer

Building Africa's distributed financial infrastructure powering trade through payments, logistics and other digital services

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It's time for the African Continent to move into the future of technology with a secure global network centered across Africa to provide access to all.


Leap-frogging existing networks with advanced cryptography and high speed capabilities.


The KOY Network will offer both legal compliance in the nations where it operates and world standards organizations compliance with its technologies.


Cutting edge networks carry not only information but increasingly value as well. The KOY Network will offer a range of game-changing value services.

Why the KOY Network?

The KOY Network is a L1 specialized blockchain, focused on the transfer of value between individuals and businesses in Africa

The KOY Network will provide an end-to-end environment for Developers to deploy turnkey Fintech, Paytech, IOTT, Greentech, and AI solutions.

A distributed ledger system designed to support smartphone apps serving Africa and its diaspora situated across the globe

The KOY Network is Financial Freedom

Unlock the full potential of WEB3

Bring everyday services to the fingertips

Leverage WEB3 to augment new fintech & IoT

Your smartphone, your way

Powered by KOY Network

Imagine an Africa running on a computer system with perfect accountability, security and performance. A system that exceeds that of any other continent. Now join us in making that a reality.

KOY Network is Building Africa’s Digital Future

In today's 21st century, our world thrives on networks that demand speed, security, and accessibility. Africa lacks a value network specifically designed to connect its people, organizations, and countries with the instant and seamless connections needed to operate at the speed of modern business.

Imagine having control over your finances, identity-based services, travel arrangements, medical records, proof of employment and more, securely, at your fingertips, 24/7.

Discover the profound convenience and efficiency that can transform the daily lives of people across Africa.

With KOY Network, we are providing Africa with the tools to secure its digital future. By providing secure and accessible solutions, we help communities thrive, businesses succeed and countries prosper.

Join us to unlock Africa's true potential, where individual control and empowerment will lead to a better future.

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